How To Configure PowerBI Template for Octopus Deploy Local Instance Reporting

Click here to download the SQL Server PowerBI Template - 
OctopusDeploySQLServer.pbt (
Once you have downloaded the OctopusDeploySQLServer template, open it up.

You will see PowerBI attempt to refresh the data, you will see the pop-up below, click 'cancel'.
Now from the 'Home' bar, click 'Transform data' and select 'Data source settings'.
Click on 'Change Source...'.
Enter in your local SQL Server name and instance if needed, and enter your database name, then click 'Ok'.
Now you should see your server and database listed, next click on 'Edit Permissions...'.
Now under Credentials, click 'Edit...'. If you notice the current type is 'Database'.
If you are going to connect using SQL Server database user account, select 'database' then enter your username and password and click 'Save'.
If you use Windows Authentication, select 'Windows' and select either 'Use my current credentials' or enter 'alternate credentials' and click 'Save'.
If your instance uses a Microsoft account, then select that option and click 'Sign In' and follow the prompts and then hit save.
Once you save your credentials, click 'Ok', then on the 'Home' bar, click 'Refresh' to connect to your database and refresh your data.